You Feel It's Too Late: You Have To Complete Your Purpose

Feeling like it is too late for you to accomplish your dreams and goals

God has a plan for you. He's not done with you yet. You have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. With the help of God, all things are possible. You can be happy and fulfilled in life. All you need to do is repent and seek Him out.

Throughout life's interaction. Sometimes we begin to notice that things around us are changing but we seem stuck. Especially when we get around other people that look like they got their life together. You always feel like you're just starting out when around people who seem to have it all together. You feel like it's too late. And you feel like you are not as far along as you should be. It can seem disappointing at times when you look at the big picture too, you know, then you start to look back and wonder, man, where did I go wrong in my life?

I was talking to my wife the other day and she was just breaking down to me. Some of the reasons why she wrote her book, 21 steps to walk in purpose, your keys to opening doors, you thought impossible to enter.

I summed it up, at this one point, as she was talking to me, she said a lot of people basically in their life, they're too busy and they're losing confidence about accomplishing their purpose. Ultimately, they focus on what they could have done a long time ago and this causes people to feel it's too late for them. Now I'm here to tell you it's not too late for you. As long as God wakes you up. And God gives you the ability to function and to do something it's not too late for you.

So you can feel happy and ecstatic about life. Again, about being the person God has called you to be and looking at life as it is meant to be living abundantly. Like Jesus told us we had it, but we gotta overcome the things that we come through in life. You can't be effective in the kingdom of God if you are feeling like life doesn't work for you, but life does because we got a God, the creator of heaven and earth that can make a difference in your life.

I wanna tell you it is not too late for you. So do not think just because you don't have elaborate this or elaborate that and all these things and that, but who told you that it's too late for you?

God, the creator of heaven and earth gave you life gave you a purpose, a mission before you leave here. So one thing I like talking to people about is telling them that your life matters to God because he would not send Jesus Christ here for you so that he would die in vain. And so don't start believing the negative things that the enemy is saying to you. Like you are nothing or there is no heaven or there is no hell. The devil wants you to have no hope for the future or even after you die. It's not too late for you. If you would just connect with the God who created the universe He will show you the way.

I want you to be encouraged. We all make mistakes. Okay? We all make decisions that rock our lives a little bit, but we can recover from them. He gave you Jesus Christ. He gave you his word so that you can renew your mind daily.

Just like God did for Abraham and Sarah in their old age he took the impossible and made it possible. That's what God wants to do for you. And he wants to do for me, we gotta accept this plan, understand that he is a God of the impossible. So that's why God calls those things. That is not as though they were when we are in our life situations. When it seems impossible, it seems like we cannot go any further. We gotta go to the father, the creator of the heavens and earth so that we can get our instructions. Cause he truly wants to bless us. He doesn't want you to think like it's too late for me. You shouldn't feel like it's too late. No matter what life choices you have made thus far.

And even if those mistakes are staring you in the face and still you have to grow through them, understand God wants you and God desires to be with you and connect with you. He doesn't want you to feel like nobody notices you. You are a disappointment. He doesn't want that for you. Cause he made you. He has invested a lot in you and he wants to see you be great. But we have to agree with what He's saying, come to acknowledge him, and walk in it. So when you are out there and beginning to do what God has called you to do, do like God did Abraham. He said, look, I'm going to bless you. I'm going to make you great because I love you. And I desire you to stand for me because that's what we're ultimately doing. When we receive his salvation, receive its truth.

And we began to walk in it. We can tell others, we could actually go to other people and say, Hey look what God has done for me. I thought my situation was impossible. I thought it was too late for me. But I realized that God is the one giving me the power and the strength to do it. So it's not too late for you.

Just like it wasn't too late for Abraham and Sarah to have a child in their old age. And you talk about an impossible situation, 100 and 90, and a bearing woman to have a child. That's how great our God is. So if you ever think that your situation is too great for God. I want you to think it's not. Don't let your mistakes be your promise. Don't live in your mistakes and think it's your purpose. God gave us Jesus so that we, so I like can make greater than it was.

Let's grow from faith to faith from day to day and year to year. Don't give up on yourself. Don't give up on life. It's not too late for you. So if you feel it's too late, think again, we gonna make it. I want you to stay encouraged and inspired.

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