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Our Mission And Purpose

  • Mission

  • Our mission is to help people reach their God given potential to step out on faith and be a functioning Christian. To encourage and inspire people to get in the race of life and as long as you have breath, we believe it is not too late for you to live out your purpose.

    Finally to be able walk out Acts 1:8 and be a witness for the Power of God in your life to reach others.

  • Slogan

  • “Reach One Reach Many”

  • Focus

  • To teach people how to become all that God calls them to be. No matter what platform you choose to use. We can make a difference and an impact in the world.

    Expanding God’s ministry works to an Online community offers up 24 hours a day and 7 days a-week message platform.


  • What we hope to accomplish in our messages of hope and encouragement is to help you reach your destiny while you are on this Earth. You have what it takes.

    God has given you the power and the gifts to make a difference. God made you great.

  • Goal

  • Goal of the show is to reach people for Jesus to gain salvation or restoration and to help listeners know that they are somebody and can walk out their God given purpose. To dispel the myth that it is too late for you and you have to have a title and college degrees to make a difference.

    To let people know that no matter what they have done or their background you are able to get up and overcome thew Jesus Christ and know that there is Forgiveness for you because everyone has faults and short comings but, it can be overcome it you agree to take action

  • Family Friendly

  • We are a Family oriented Podcast and our core values are based on Biblical principles.

  • Entrepreneurship

  • We believe in functioning in the world. We talk about starting business and earning income outside of job.

  • Life Coaching

  • We need people in our life who have been were we are wanting to go.

About Ashley

I am committed to inspiring people to live out their God given dreams. My heart goes out strongly to those who have been hurt or set back by people who misuse the word of God because of traditions of man.

We all have apart in God's great plan to win souls for the kingdom of God. Let's spend more time encouraging and lifting people back up. All have sin and come short of the glory. So we have the grace and forgiveness of God to get people back those who have fallen from grace.

I am an Army Veteran, Graphic designer, Author and husband. I created this podcast to be a voice for the Lord. "Reach One Reach Many" is my motto and I go by the name the "Digital Evangelist."

"I want them to realize that God put you here one Earth for a reason and You have something that God inspires you to do but for some reason you are holding back and all you just need to is step out on faith and do it."

-Ashley Sims

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We are a Christian Website.

Jesus Christ is The Son of God


We believe

In One God that exist in three persons; The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God

The Bible is the Truth Inspired by God

The Virgin BirthThe Death Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Repentance for forgiveness of sins

Washed by the blood of Jesus

Water Baptism by immersion

The Holy Spirit and Speaking in tongues

The catching away of the saints to meet Christ in the air.(The Rapture)

Divine healing

Heaven and Hell

Divine Miracles

How we got started

The Witness The Power Podcast was created to complement an Online bible study group that was started on Facebook back in 2009. Based on Acts 1:8 walking in the power of the Holy Ghost telling the world about Jesus. Since then the Podcast has become its own entity.


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WTPP wants to take a simple approach to the Gospel to help people gain an understanding of why they are following the King of Kings. Then to tell others.


The ministry of Christ is more than just a select few in a 4-walled building. God has given you a talent to be used by Him. When you share the Gospel you can then point them to your Church or a local Church that is full of God and Jesus Christ led of the Holy Spirit.


We must allow Jesus ministry to be accomplished by all who are willing to do according to His will.


Luke 9:50

"And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us."


The WTPP is a place to come and get an encouraging word and to get some answers. Do not let the enemy divide your heart!


The name that matters is the name above all names!



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