Christian Entrepreneurs:Kingdom Minded

Christian entrepreneurs are a unique breed

What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? Christians see it as an excellent way to use their gifts and talents to honor God and advance His kingdom. They often operate with a Kingdom mindset, considering how their business can glorify God and further His purposes. So, if you're thinking about starting your own business, or maybe you are running your business I want share a few tips with you.

I remember when I started a business a few years back, it was actually a screen-printing business. The problem was the people I knew were treating me like I had to discount my prices, even family members. But they didn't realize when you are in business, you are in business to make a profit. Even If I decide to give a discount, I believe that these people would complain even if I discounted it down to a dollar

So sometimes people try to take advantage of you because they know what you believe and try to use the word of God against you. And I just got to laugh at that. Nonetheless, being a Christian entrepreneur just means that you follow the principles of the Bible and the principles inside. You're not there, to treat anybody wrong, or overcharge them, or just take advantage of a situation. You're there to just use your gifts and talents. You are using your gifts and talents that God gave you so that you can live the abundant life that Jesus talked about.

Here are 4 Tips I want you to consider as a Christian entrepreneur:

  • Do not devalue your gift
  • Do under value what you do
  • Right target audience
  • You can’t cut a deal on top of a deal

Do not devalue your gift

Number one do not let people talk you into devaluing the gift and the talents that God gave you and tell you how to run your business. You are running a business. A taxman is not going to be asking you about the bible. They're going to be looking for their cut because you must file taxes. So, when you give value, to people who believe in what you do, they're not going to try to take advantage of you. They're going to want to pay you more because they understand the value you offer.

I remember one time I did a job It was a screen print design. It was in two colors. And I charged basically at price. I did make a little profit, but the people who needed the print job had done their homework and knew that this type of design costs more than I charged. I was basically being safe. So sometimes we undervalue what we do too. So, I would say when you are doing your business, ensure that you are charging the price, that's going to help your company and help you make a profit in the end because a business, that's what it's for to, to make a profit.

Do under value what you do

Number two don't allow people to let you talk down what you are selling. So don't give your stuff away for free value yourself value with the talent God gave to you. Another thing, make sure you're selling to the right audience as well.

Right target audience

Just because everybody says you are a Christian business. Sometimes that person may not be interested in what you have. You got to target the market that you are there to go. So therefore, you'll get the people who actually want your stuff and the price you charge. They understand that's what it's worth.

You can’t cut a deal on top of a deal

The value that you put into what you do. And the last thing I wanted to tell you is you can't cut a deal on top of a deal. Remember that being a Christian business owner does not mean that you go around giving your stuff away for free. It means that you are a business that operates with biblical principles in mind. Because again, you are an entrepreneur, you're starting out a business and you're here to make a profit.

Well, when I was thinking about what to write for this post and how it would fit into the rest of my content on Christian living. Entrepreneurship-related topics such as social media marketing or copywriting, sales funnels and websites then suddenly remembered that one thing has been bothering me lately. That's why all these tips together make sense: they're Christian Living advice mixed in with some business strategies which can help you launch your own side hustle without having any previous experience whatsoever!

I don't mean "side" job

You're more than just somebody who goes to church, God invested something in you. When he gave you the holy spirit, he gave you gifts and he gave you talents. And you know, that abundant life you're looking for or that extra thing you're looking for is right there. In your hand, remember the widow who is worried about the creditors that' was coming and take her sons away.

The prophet told her to go gather all the pots that she could. At first, the prophet asked her, what do you have? She said I have is the pot of oil. And he told her to go gather all the pots from her neighbors. Then shut the door and fill all the borrowed pots with the oil, and then go sell all the oil. Then pay off the debts and live off the rest. See a this was just a business principal in action.

So having a business is biblical. Money is not evil. The Bible says a love of money is the root of all evil money is a tool. Remember that the next time you had to pay your light bill, your auto bill, your rent, your mortgage, and give your tithes.

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