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Your Next Steps


Congratulations! The prayer that you have just  prayed with a sincere heart.

You have  just been saved or “born again.” It is by your faith and not a feeling.

You are now adopted into God’s family.


Because you have chosen this step you are now going to heaven!


No matter what you’ve done in your life, your sin has been completely forgiven and washed away by Jesus’ blood. That was shed at the cross.


Now your next steps are to help you to continue to grow in the faith:



It is important that you attended a church so you can grow and gain understanding of who Jesus is and grow in faith. As you mature in the faith you will learn more and more about this Christian walk.


Friend, if you’ve prayed the prayer. We welcome you to the family of God and would you please contact us and let us know. We love you so much and want to again welcome you to the Kingdom of God.


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